My Mini Review of Maze Runner Trailer

The new Maze Runner trailer was filled with action, drama and intensity. I’m super excited to see Dylan O’Brien and Thomas Brodie-Sangster.

Death Cure is the last series of the Maze Runner Saga and I’m anticipating how it will end. I don’t recall much from the last two films; Maze Runner and Scorch Trials (have to watch them again before Death Cure releases) however, seeing the trailer made me feel that this one will be as thrilling as the previous parts.

I was surprised to see the stunts the characters performed. Not to mention and no offence, I was annoyed to see the heroin because in the previous part she had kinda betrayed her group. Damn, the moment the trailer starts my heart just went ‘BOOM’. They have to go back to the walls and hell, it’s like, ‘Do or Die, Make you choice.’

The train teaser got me hyped and I’m having my fingers crossed it’s gonna be as epic as they showed it to be. ‘Wohoo’ because shooting is the real thing, like it or not. I’m a gamer and when it comes to shooting down bad guys, I’m all up for it.

In the end, guess I can’t wait until January for the film to release, that too in IMAX!

I would like to read the books though. I want to see if they have changed anything or kept it as it was. Perhaps, if I have time then I might give the book a go. Besides, books have more detailed emotions than movies, correct?

So long then.

I’m your Writer Next Door.


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