My Mini Review of NCT U’s BOSS Teaser

And I’m still fangirling at this super-hot, super amazing teaser that gave me an adrenaline rush! The moment I played the video, I knew that it was going to be awesome because heck, it’s NCT! Heck, it’s Taeyong, Mark, Jaehyun, Doyoung, Win Win, Jungwoo and Lucas we’re talking about here.

The rhythm and the beats are so hyped and energetic! The setting is perfectly fitting for their new sexy boss look and I certainly can’t wait to see their choreography although I’m pretty sure it’s going to be difficult and would have awkward steps that would be embarrassing to implement but that’s NCT and I’m proud to be a NCTizen!

I watched the teaser five or six times and I just can’t get enough of Taeyong’s coolness…I wonder how many times I’ll watch the MV when it comes out.

SM is gradually uploading teasers of different members so be sure to check that out too~ (Click the link below) and yeah, I can’t wait for the MV to release!

The Bosses: Taeyong Doyoung Jungwoo

The Bosses: Jaehyun WinWin



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