NCT DREAM ‘We Be Screaming GO!’ Teaser


I was waiting for Jisung’s teaser and I’ve been gifted with it today!!!!

I’m so happy that I can’t stop watching his teaser!

Damn, he and Chenle both look so cool.

Seriously, are they even kids anymore?

Jisung and Chenle have got a calm yet unrestrained vibe to them unlike the other members’ teasers. I love Jisung’s look and attitude and I still can’t believe that he’s the same Jisung who danced cutely on a Segway in Chewing Gum. Chenle did have a cool aura around him since the first time I saw him, so this type of concept absolutely fits him.

Are there any more members left?

Are there more teasers on the way?

Am I going to die of fangirl overdose before the MV releases?

Who knows.

Stay tuned for my updates, neighbors!




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