Tokyo Ghoul:re Season 3 Trailer

The trailer for the new season of Tokyo Ghoul has got me on the edge of my seat! There will be so many new characters, new villains and a lot more emotion to last us a year.

The find and destroy the human eaters called the Ghouls, the CCG which exterminates and researches Ghouls, creates a new investigator team called the…. Quinx. The Quinx group is shown being a group of Ghouls themselves but instead, they are here for the better good. Instead, they will fight their own race.

It’s a totally new twist and I just hope they keep it real; as in point to point to the manga. At the end of the trailer, it makes everyone wonder where and what happened to our miserable hero, Kaneki Ken. Haise Sasaki is seen having the same Kagune as Kaneki and he says that ‘He’ whispers in my ears. Now, we’re not really sure who that ‘He’ is but my guess completely goes to Kaneki Ken.

Be just a little more patient because Tokyo Ghoul:re starts this April!



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