Mini Review of MAMAMOO’s Starry Night MV

I love MAMAMOO and every time I find out that they have released a music video, I get completely overwhelmed because their music is always so diverse and catchy. This one is no exception. MAMAMOO released two music videos titled, ‘Starry Night’ and ‘Star Wind Flower Sun’ both of which are a must listen to! The song speaks about a broken and faded relationship. Before the fall of the cupid, the couples spent time under the starry night but as the months passed and as they looked upon the starry night again, she recalls the memories, the time they spent together under that same night sky and she is troubled by it because no matter how months have passed, how many seasons has rushed past her, she can’t get him out of his head.

I love the theme and the concept the girls produced. It’s utterly touching and it kind of sticks with you for a while. The girls look so beautiful and dreamy and for me, I’ve once more fallen in love with Solar and her Celtic hair.

The MV begins with a pleasant guitar melody and finger snaps and I can’t help but wonder where I’ve heard that tune before…Their voices are so pleasing, and their harmonization makes the song ever more alluring. The sceneries have caught my eye the most because what I truly love in MV’s is the background more than the foreground. Their choreography is simple, yet it evidently brings out the charm in them. The video also gives me a fairy tale vibe from time to time because of the vistas they have shown. As the MV sadly comes to an end, they give us this aesthetic feeling that really lifts my spirits up!

I loved the video and everything about it; the theme, the landscapes, the lyrics and no doubt, the four gorgeous looking idols. I would say that this song is the perfect spring song that we’ve all been wanting.


Rating: 8/10

Peace neighbors

See you in my next post~


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