Mini Review of Swindlers ‘Korean Movie’

Last night, I watched this movie with dad and my sister and we totally liked it because it was our kind of a movie. The story is about a man who joins an unlikely group to achieve one, common goal—Trapping the world’s most dangerous con man. The plot entirely revolves around scamming and money laundering with a twist of suspense that I’m certain many will love.

What I liked about this movie was the hidden motives that the characters were stubborn on disclosing. The movie is also about how conning can ruin poor people’s lives and lose their loved ones. Revenge isn’t the best option but if you’ve a dedicated group to help you, then revenge is definitely best served cold. It also shows us that sometimes you can’t trust Law, that sometimes you must take the matters in your own hands; of course, with a bit of help with the enemy himself. Swindlers is a meaningful movie that displays the reality that goes around people who are victims to such racket. There was emotion, comedy, mystery and surge for vengeance which makes this the perfectly popped popcorn.

There was this tiny twist that made the movie even more interesting to watch but I won’t reveal what it is because that’s the main part of the story itself and I don’t want to spoil that for you guys.

If you’re into these types of movies then it’s you better add it to your ‘watch later’ list because trust me, you don’t want to miss it.

However, the only thing I have to crib about is that it was a bit slow paced for me and I couldn’t quite understand what was going on after the movie actually started (though I suppose I have to blame the subtitles for it) Nevertheless, I enjoyed the movie but my dad enjoyed it more than I did and I’m satisfied with the ending.

*Whispers* I think there’s going to be sequel…

Swindlers – Korean Movie Trailer

Rating: 7/10

Peace neighbors

See you in my next post~





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