The Best Place To Be

For me, the best place to be is my Grandma’s house. Whenever I go to her, I feel relaxed and energized and my mind refreshes.

Grandma makes my favorite dishes and spending time with her and Grandpa, boosts my mind and creativity. I’ve noticed that while I live with her, I’m able to write more quickly and without any distractions.

Grandma understands me. She sees me writing and never tries to disturb me.

Her warmness helps me a lot with my stress and the hectic schedule. Grandpa too talks to me and I just tell all my thoughts to him and he patiently listens.

Grandma’s house has this different feeling filled with love and tranquility that I won’t find anywhere else. Its probably the best and the last place to be and if I’m ever lost, you’ll probably find me at my Grandma’s house getting snuggled by her.

There’s also another hidden reason why I love Grandma’s place and that is because of my cat, Ginger. She lives with my Grandparents and just being with her, holding her, rubbing her nose and plain looking at her contents me.

No doubt, everyone has their own best place to be and I can’t help but wonder what yours is. So don’t forget to share it with me because I would love to know what kind of place you think is the best and why.



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