Shadow of Tomb Raider Teaser

This is news, guys. Alright, this is some news and you won’t believe it. I’m pretty certain that if I do, you’ll jump from your couch or bed and jump a couple more times because guess what?

The title of the game itself gives you this mysterious and ominous feeling but the trailer really raises the hairs on your arms!
The teaser teases us with the silhouettes of Lara Croft in her typical gear. We see new types of bad guys, amazing landscapes that at one glance gives us the adrenaline rush and Lara’s will to survive this new unfathomable adventure. At the end of the teaser, they show a kind of city Lara is in and I can only judge by the looks of it that it might be (MIGHT BE) Egypt or someplace in the middle east.

Perhaps, we’ll know soon…Perhaps the time is near…Perhaps, we’ll get a full trailer on April 27?! And perhaps we’ll get to play the game on the 14th of September! (dies of excitement)
Croft’s, don’t forget to check the teaser because even though its just 20 seconds. It’s the best 20 seconds you can get in your life.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Teaser

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