Fear the Walking Dead S4 Trailer

Check out the new trailer of Fear The Walking Dead! It will undoubtedly take you by surprise and will get your heart beating in excitement!

The dramatic, slow-mo, epic trailer gives us the minor detail that there’ll be new characters. A new direction of aimless wandering and perhaps, new plots and sub-plots that’ll connect each of the characters lives in some way or the other.

Should I tell you what the surprise is or do you want me to keep it a secret…?

You know what? I’ll keep it a secret and let you watch the trailer in peace.

But just let me say one thing. One piddling thing…There’s a character from The Walking Dead that’ll join the Fear the Walking Dead era.

Okay, I said it. But I’m not revealing who that character is because I think you should feel that curiosity just like I had before seeing the trailer.

Obviously, we can’t judge how this season is going to be by just the trailer but I’ve feeling that its going to be awesome (at least I hope it is!)

So, what are you waiting for? Watch the trailer right now and don’t forget to comment your thoughts on it~ I’d love to hear from you all!

The premier of Fear the Walking Dead is going to be aired on April 15, 2018!

Be sure to keep your bowl of popcorn ready because, oh~ we’re definitely going to see some brain splatters and spilled intestines!

FEAR THE WALKING DEAD Season 4 Official Teaser Trailer (HD) AMC Zombie Series


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