Mini Review of Super Junior ‘Super Duper’ MV

Super Junior’s song ‘Super Duper’ has a cheerful and hyper vibe to it. The song plainly speaks about being a Super Duper person and just enjoying your life; as in partying all night as if there’s no tomorrow. The song is pretty much meaningless but the Electro, Techno along with Trap beats and tempos, definitely makes it a party or a late-night club song!

The MV too is quite meaningless. It doesn’t have a story, rather the entire MV is based on random, colorful, old-school style illustrations that signifies the lyrics. At times, I felt that some of the images took us in a trance-like state and some honestly creeped me out, but for some reason, the video is fun to watch. Super Junior’s harmonization was fantastic, and I liked the auto-tunes that were adroitly incorporated.

It’s a different kind of music video that captures your sight, but obviously, many would just go, ‘WTH…’ because I did.
But anywho, isn’t that Super Junior for you?

Rating: 7/10

Peace neighbors,

See you in my next post~



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