Mini Review of The Walking Dead S8 Finale ‘Wrath’

Firstly, I apologize you all for not publishing any posts and I have a good reason for that. It was because I went to Dubai and everything went hectic; travelling, enjoying my life, destressing. But, I also thought of at least publishing a post or two about Dubai and my experiences, however, the most tragic part was that, my charger wouldn’t fit in the socket…And that’s when I had to bury my laptop in my week’s clothes.

Yeah, I know, I could’ve bought the charger that actually fits but I became so busy and tired every single day, that I decided to write once I come back home. It feels so good to let my fingers play on the keyboard again. Forgive me if I lost my touch a little but I promise you, that from now on, I’ll do everything I can to entertain you guys every day!

So, since I eventually had to leave the best city I’ve ever lived in, I started to catch up on shows that I’ve missed so far. Starting with The Walking Dead!

*Beware of ultimate spoilers*

As much as I was hyped about it all, the ending obviously didn’t satisfy me. Negan should’ve been dead. Whatever their point or reason be, he should’ve been dead because he took so many innocents’ lives unjustifiably. He doesn’t and shouldn’t get the chance to live, even if it’s behind bars. According to law, he should be hanged to death, right? And Rick knows that better than anyone, then why didn’t he do it? All because of Carl’s sentimental letter…Negan didn’t give a damn about Carl’s letter when Michonne read it aloud to him through the walkie-talkie, and as much as Rick’s decision for killing Negan once and for all was adamant, I was filled with complete rage and irritation when he told them to save him. No one saves the bad guy…

Where’s the justice for Glenn and Abraham then?

I’m with Maggie on this one. She might seem evil with her thoughts but in reality, she has a right to kill Negan and I’ll be a hundred percent glad if she did because the world needs to fair. A life for a life.
Jesus and Darly seem to be with her as well because they too know that what Rick did, by saving Negan is not just. Hell, he can start making a better world by keeping the Saviors but Negan…no, to stop the flowers from rotting, we have to pluck out the rotten ones first.

At least now we know that Morgan is going to leave and join with the group of Fear the Walking Dead. He made the right choice because he definitely needs some time away from killing and seeing much bloodshed. We all want Morgan to be sane again, don’t we? He’s a pretty strong character so I think he’ll be just fine on his own dangerous path.

Aaron was successful in bringing the Oceanside to fight the opposing group (In the end, the troubles he went through to just get them to join them had paid off)

Simon is dead because of his over-confidence in beating the man to be the man. And I won’t lie. I was more than happy to see him turn into a Walker. Darly leaves Dwight on his own with the jingling of the car keys and threatens him to never come back. Dwight then finally leaves to find his missing wife and realizes that she is waiting for him (well, the most unlikely person to have a happy ending got a happy ending)

Eugene was the most vexing person in this entire episode, nonetheless, it was because of him that Rick approached Negan and the Saviors. He seriously got me thinking that he was with their group, but I was wrong. He’s a good guy after all (just a bit irritating and talkative)

Oh, also our Father Gabriel got his sight back! Yay for that! For some reason, I like his character even though he has no vital role to play. Maybe that’s why I like him. He’s just there to give everyone some hope, faith and optimistic ideas. And maybe that’s why Negan didn’t kill him with the dozen chances he had of doing so.

So, the Saviors and the Hilltop, the Kingdom, and Rick’s group are now joined forces and trying to build a place where there will be daddy-son times, Friday pizza nights and family dinners.

Ultimately, there’s a whole horde of Zombies in the city and the only one way they can protect each other is by being united. By thinking alive and fighting side by side. Maggie will build a place that will protect and save the people at Hilltop from any hazards, but when the time comes, oh…I wonder how she’ll kill Negan.

At some point I wish they could’ve ended the entire Walking Dead, like completely stop it but I also can’t wait for the next season because our widow, Margaret has other indefinite plans. Also, I don’t think they will be able to build a safe place without having any contingencies. Life isn’t always reasonable, am I right?

Rating: 6/10

Peace neighbors,

See you in my next post~


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