BTS The New Ambassadors of Coca-Cola

BTS has been gaining world-wide audience since their release of Blood, Sweat and Tears. They have won many local and international awards, and it’s no surprise that most of the international brands are now desperate to have them as their promoters.

With the FIFA World Cup round the corner, Coca-Cola unveiled simple, yet stunning pictures of their promoters, leaving Army’s all hyped up and perhaps use their allowance to buy as much of the popular soda cans as they can (yes, kpop fans are awesomely crazy)

jm cc
jk cc
v cc
jh cc
s cc
j cc


rm cc

[Image credits – Coca-Cola and Metro Entertainment] 

The extremely popular Idols will be having a world tour in August for their most anticipated album, Love Yourself, starting from Seoul and then heading over to Los Angeles, Oakland, Fort Worth, Hamilton, Newark and Chicago before surprising Europe.

BTS will play London’s O2 Arena on 9 and 10 of October before performing in Amsterdam, Berlin and Paris.

{Click the link below to read Metro Entertainment’s article}

BTS show off their playful side as individual Coca-Cola promo pics are unveiled

P.S. Have you seen BTS Comeback Trailer sung by V and only V with his deep, sexy voice? If not, why are you still here?! Go and watch/listen to it right now because it’s soooo good! I’m like addicted to his voice somehow.



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