Thank You (A Poem)

“Thank you is such a small word,
but it says so much.

It contains so much emotion,
like the vast ocean, like the neverending desert.

Thank you, it softens our hearts,
it breaks our heart.

Thank you, it leaves a deep scar,
it burns, it stings, and it creates a wound that could never be stitched.

Thank you, a love can blossom so easily,
and as easily it could be shattered.

Two simple words,
everything turns out fine,
but only sometimes.

Thank you, say it once or twice or thrice,
it never gets old.

Use it as an excuse,
a reason,
or to hide your pain and blues.

Thank you, can be a curse,
can be a blessing.

Thank you, can be freedom,
can be a prison, an infinite eden.”

Comfort, consider–




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