What is your favorite writing tool?

Do you only use the computer, or do you still love pen and paper?

Well, as for me, I’m used to only writing on my laptop or my phone. I’ve tried writing on the paper and I’ve realized that I am able to write creatively, but the process is slow. I’m not able to pour out 500 words in ten-fifteen minutes on the paper. Also, I get distracted very easily and I end up drawing on the paper instead of writing. So, that became a ‘No-No’ for me.

Although I love typewriters as much as any writer, the only disadvantage it has, is that it creates a lot of noise…Like how am I able to write with so much ‘tak tak’ sounds at night? My family would be annoyed by it (lol)

What about you guys? What is your favorite writing tool? Comment below to let me know!

Peace neighbors,

See you in my next post~


P.S. I watched Antman and the Wasp last night and it was so damn awesome! I got the #infinitywar feels again!!!! You must watch it if you haven’t already!
I’m still shook by the ending…
(Marvel really blows peoples minds. They know what they’re doing)



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