Games I played in my childhood

What games did you play with your siblings when you were growing up?


Monopoly! Yes, that’s the only game we used to play for hours and hours and hours and heck, we wouldn’t even get bored by it because we used to play while cracking up jokes, and eating junk.

The moment we finished one game, we would restart it but alas, in the end, big brother always won.

Monopoly was a must for us, but sometimes we would even play Ludo and Snakes and Ladders.

If we’re too lazy or have to go out somewhere and we have just a short time to play, we would grab our UNO cards, sit down in an unperfect circle, swiftly shuffle the cards and play a couple twenty games or so before our Grandma and mom get angry and forewarn us of their wrath.

Now that I recall, we never played Catch or Hide and Seek. We did play Dark Room, the one where you switch off the lights in your room and hide, but other than that, we avoided any kind of “physical activities”.

When our cousins came for a sleepover, we would play Charades or Karaoke and end our night with a game of Snakes and Ladders or  King, Queen, Police and Thief (I don’t know what to call, but its a kind of chit game)

Ah, it feels so nice to recall these memories…I want to meet my siblings again because some of them are so far from me…

What about you guys? What games did you play with your siblings?

Don’t forget to comment below ☆

Peace neighbours,

See you in my next post~


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