Nightclub incident kills 2 South Koreans

Nightclub incident kills 2 South Koreans

A nightclub by the name Coyote Ugly kills two and injures more than a dozen people. 

Injured: 17
Casualties: 2 

Early this Saturday 07.28.2019, at a nightclub in the city of Gwangju, South Korea, an internal balcony suddenly collapsed, killing 2 South Koreans and injuring many who were celebrating the victory of women’s World championship. At the time the incident took place, there were around 370 people inside.

Yonhap reports: The South Koreans, both males aged 38 and 27 were taken to the hospital, but were later declared dead. The deceased were not competitors, but just customers.

Some members of the Australian water polo team were also present at the time of the collapse. However, the Water Polo Australia stated that all the members of the team had escaped without any injury. 

The rescuers arrived promptly.

“This is an awful tragedy,” Said Christopher Ramsey, head of USA Water Polo. “–Our hearts go out to the victims of the crash and their families.”

From the United States team, a male diver and a female water polo player were slightly injured as well. 

Reported Sport: “It was ‘business as usual and then it literally collapsed beneath our feet.” Said New Zealand’s men’s water polo captain, Matt Small. 

The world swimming body stated their condolences, “Fina deeply regrets the situation and sends its best wishes to any victims of this accident.”


The 2019 Fina World Champion will conclude on Sunday.

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